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Making archery’s past a part of your archery future

Welcome to Archery Past

When I started Archery Past in 1980, I sold spined, tapered and finished Rose City and then ACME Port Orford Cedar shafts, and I made custom leather archery accessories. Bill Sweetland (Sweetland Compressed Cedar shafts) and Bob Brooks of Eugene were my arrow mentors. I made my first back quiver from the directions in the 1978-79 Alaska Bowmen, published by Jay Massey, Dick Hamilton and Doug Borland. These guys were leaders in traditional archery, although at that time it must have seemed like tradition was lost, especially when making your own archery tackle. They were people I looked up to then, and I still do now. I learned from them. I’m still emphasizing teaching others to make their tackle. And then having them teach another. Many of my friends and acquaintances work with schools, clubs and events that have teach-ing seminars for adults and kids. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a new archer make their first bowstring; or shooting their new arrows they just finished. We need to pass on the skills others taught us. I believe it’s the only way we’ll keep tradition alive in archery and bowhunting. And the definition of ‘traditional’ is changing; or at least for me it is. It’s not always bad, but we need to show new shooters there is an option to carbon arrows, or modular broadheads or even factory made accessories. We need to make them feel welcome even if they are only shooting a traditional bow. Then show them how we used to do it. Just like Jay Massey, Bill Sweetland and others did for me. Remember it is the attitude as well as the equipment. As you may have noticed, prices, items and options on items change weekly. As soon as a catalog is printed, there will be a change from a distributor or supplier. I’ll try to honor prices as much as I can, but sometimes it’s not possible. Wood shafts continue to be the most volatile item with availability and specie of wood changing the most. I now have Surewood Douglas Fir and Hildebrand Sitka Spruce in all spines. Others as available will be stocked. I’ve dropped all packs. Kathy Kelly packs, my favorites, as well as some others will be on a ‘special order’ only. There are just too many options in packs and everyone wants to feel and try it on which doesn’t work well in a mail order situation. And there is the internet. As long as I travel to as many shoots as I do, being home to immediately answer internet orders doesn’t always work. I’ll do it as soon as I can, but if you need it ‘yesterday’, you may need to call a competitor. I’ll understand.

---Dave Doran, Owner Archery Past



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